Based in Boulder, Colorado, Seismic Skate Systems is one of the oldest and most respected longboard brands in the world. We’ve been pushing the envelope of progressive carving technology since 1993, when we introduced the first high-precision truck of the modern longboard era. Seismic designs and manufactures high-performance trucks, wheels, bearings, decks and completes for carving, cruising, freeride, racing and beyond. We don’t play it safe. We chose the name “Seismic” because we’re committed to continually shaking up the skateboard market with products that are two or more generations ahead of the pack. We’re usually wrestling with designs that are challenging or even impossible to manufacture without new materials or new factory processes. Our slogan “driven to innovate” is no exaggeration. Since 1983, Seismic founder Daniel Gesmer has been incurably obsessive-compulsive about engineering the world’s most advanced skateboard carving technologies. His perfectionism both haunts and inspires the rest of the Seismic staff. seismic skateFor us, skateboarding is an ever-evolving sport/art that should be based on diverse choices in high-performance gear and the freedom to cruise, race or style as you wish. Call us foolish, but we promote what performs best, not what’s easiest to sell. Our inspiration comes from a deep experience of pure skating, and from confidence that advanced engineering can bring an ever-wider audience to the same open-minded stoke that first gave birth to our sport/art some 50 years ago. It’s as simple as that, and we’ve got tunnel vision about it.
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